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Minna no Matsuri 4

07-Oct-2016 admin Kegiatan Mahasiswa, Warta FIB

Minna no Matsuri 4

What is Minna no Matsuri? The meaning of Minna no Matsuri, comes from Japanese, that is minna which means together and matsuri means festival. So, Minna no Matsuri means The Festival to get together with everyone. Minna no Matsuri is held based on Working Program of Talent and Creativity Division, Student Association of Japanese Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. It also has received full support from several parties, namely the Chairman of the Japanese Language MGMPs of East Java, the Japan Foundation and the Consulate General of Japan in Surabaya. The objectives of Minna no Matsuri are as a means of increasing interest in Japanese  study for junior high school students so that there are more students choosing Japanese Language Department when they have to choose their major in high school. Minna no Matsuri is also aimed at providing a forum to compete and to be creative as well as sharing knowledge to students of junior and senior high school in East Java on a few things related to Japanese language and culture. This year, is Minna no Matsuri fourth year with the theme “Old Japan”. This event will show a summary of the story of the Japanese in ancient times from the Kamakura period to the Meiji era. Some of the activities in the Minna no Matsuri are:

  1. Japanese Language Competitions

There are 10 kinds of the Competition, they are JLCC (Japanese Languange and Culture Competition), Moji Cup (Sharpening Capabilities on Japanese Letter), Roudoku (Reading Japanese Text), Kamishibai (Pictorial Story), Bentou (Decorating Food), Drama, Fashion, 3D wall magazine, Original Character (Drawing Animation), and Dance Cover. Every competition has procedures and criteria for each. Moji Cup, Roudoku, Kamishibai, 3D wall magazine are only intended for senior high school student level or equivalent. While for Bentou and Original Character competition have two categories, those are for junior high school level and for general society. For Fashion, Dance Cover, and Drama competitions are for general society with age 15-23 years old. All these competitions will be held in one day. The participants are also allowed to receive direct guidance from the supervising teacher before each competition held. The criteria for assessment given by the committee on Bento, Original Character, Kamishibai, Fashion, 3D wall magazine, Cover Dance Cover and Drama competitions requires creativity of the participants. The judges for several competitions are lecturers and native speakers who are experts in their field.

  1. Education Exhibition

In this event, Minna no Matsuri provides the opportunity for visitors to visit some of the exhibition stands starting from Japan education and culture booths up to workshops exhibition such as Chanoyu (ritual of drinking tea), Origami (paper folding art), Ryoukai (cooking classes) and Yukata (traditional Japanese way of wearing clothes). Visitors can directly learn and practice some of Japanese culture that will be led by people who are experts in their field.

  1. Bazar

There are several bazaar booths will present variety of things, starting from accessories, food, drinks, to souvenirs related to Japanese culture. Besides, Minna no Matsuri will also present some Japanese lover communities which are already very well known in the area of Malang and East Java. Minna no Matsuri will be held on 30 Oktober 2016 located in Gedung Samantha Krida, Universitas Brawijaya, started from 07.00 a.m until finish. It is guaranted that the event will be very spectacular show with performances from various performers and also Guest Star which has been awaited. Please join Minna no Matsuriǃ MINORI 4ǃ Namara Gouka Daǃǃ