Faculty of Cultural Studies

Universitas Brawijaya


10-Mar-2017 admin Agenda FIB, Warta FIB

Inko Baragi holds a monthly gathering on  Sunday, March 12, 2017. There will be little difference in the gathering this time. Previous Inko Baragi gatherings were usually held in the room and just do a sharing culture; this time the gathering will be done by doing activities outdoors.

“Sandwich Race” is used as the outdoor theme of this gathering. The participants will be divided into teams, then they should play some games sessions together to collect ingredients and cooking ware to make a sandwich. Games that will be performed include Korean language and culture. At the end of the event, each team is required to promote the delights of sandwich that has been made using ingredients that have been collected. The skill of the participants in promoting the sandwich is what will determine the winner’s position of the “Sandwich Race”. With this gathering activities, Inko Baragi hopes this gathering creates strong bonding among the participants and they also can learn Korean language together.

Further, Inko Baragi will open club’s personnel registration for the period of 2017/2018. The club’s personnel registration is open for public, but strategic positions are still the previlledge of students of Faculty of Cultural Studies UB.

These two Inko Baragi’s activities  are not limited for the institution as they are open for public to join. For those interested to participate in this event, please contact Inko Baragi through a contact person who is on the poster, or via Instagram @inkobara.ub, until March 10, 2017.