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ABRAKADABRA: An Interactive Application to Maintain the Existence of Javanese Krama Language

24-May-2017 admin Warta FIB

Javanese Language Teacher with the students of SMPN 13 Dinoyo Malang

and Abrakadabra Team from Universitas Brawijaya Malang

Currently, Javanese as a local language is infrequently used by the society. In reality, Javanese has numerous cultural and historical values. To ponder, Java Island is the most densely inhabited island in Indonesia. Ironically, the number of Javanese speakers has lessened due to the speaker’s reluctance to learn. Javanese, is actually a great language, which prioritizes balance, conformity, and harmony in everyday life.

A person’s awareness of language can be known by their understanding in using the language. This prompts our concern. For that reason, the students of University of Brawijaya create an application to improve students’ interest in Javanese language.

Seeing this fact, Amanda Amelia (FIB), Syarifah Rahmatal Alam (FIB), Mohammad Wahyu Dwi Ridiansyah (FILKOM), Andri Suranta Ginting (FILKOM), and Lulu Nafis Fauziah (FIB) create an interactive application centered on the Javanese Krama language. They picked SMP Negeri 13 Malang, which is located at Jalan Sunan Ampel II, Dinoyo, Lowokwaru, Malang City.

Under the supervision of Melania Shinta Harendika, M.A., they held a Student Creativity Program entitled “ABRAKADABRA” (Interactive Application for Learning Javanese Krama language) which also turns out to be the name of the application. The application is an effort to preserve the existing of Javanese culture in the society especially in the language aspect. Moreover, in this era, not a few people, especially the younger generation, orget the Javanese language as their mother tongue.

ABRAKADABRA is an android-based mobile phone application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and installed in the user’s mobile phone. To enjoy the provided features, users can choose the desired menu from the application. There is no similar application discussing Javanese Krama language, therefore, it can be an advantage. The display, moreover, is interactive and innovative, so the users will not feel bored. Furthermore, this application is offline-based so the users do not have to worry that this app will spend the internet quota.

With her team, Amanda hope that they can pass the selection representing University of Brawijaya in the competition of National Student Scientific Event (PIMNAS) in 2017. [PKM/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]