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Happy 8th Birthday Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya

16-Aug-2017 admin Warta FIB

On Thursday, August 10, 2017, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS-UB) steps on the age of eight. Therefore, a commemoration was held to celebrate that. This celebration was attended by all FIB academicians including Dean, Vice Dean I, Head of Department and its Deputy, Heads of Study Programs, Head of Administration, Head of Sub Division, lecturers, employees, student representative and other invitees.

The event was opened by Dian Novita Dewi, S.Pd., M.Li. as the Master of Ceremony continued by the Dean speech.  In his speech, he hoped that FCS-UB would achieve more, especially in PIMNAS. Moreover, he had a great expectation that FCS-UB can raise its cluster from C to B. In addition, he expected that all lecturers and employees can improve their quality. “Next year, FCS-UB must be better” said Prof. Ir. Ratya Anindita, MS., Ph.D..

The Dean speech was continued by a senior lecturer speech, Drs. Lalu Merdi, M.A. In this occasion, he told FCS-UB history which was established in 1975. Drs. Lalu Merdi, M.A. started working in 1979. Therefore, he had been working for 37 years. According to him, FCS-UB progressed a lot. FCS-UB now has a large number of human resources, including lecturers and employees, as well as its study programs. He hoped that the administration stuffs could be made much easier. He did not forget to express his gratitude for being trusted to teach at FCS-UB.

The alumni speech represented by Diah Eko Wahjuni, S.Pd. followed the previous speeches. She had been working for FCS-UB for approximately 17 years. “I enjoy working in FCS-UB with all its plus-minus,” said her. “Hopefully FCS-UB will be more glorious and achieve more,” she expected.

After the speeches, the Head of Sub Division and Student Affairs of FCS-UB, Achmad Ruslan Hariyono, S.P., led a prayer, followed by happy birthday song, candle blowing, and tumpeng cutting. Happy 8th Birthday, Faculty of Cultural Studies UB! [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]