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FCS UB Sent Two Teams to PIMNAS 2017

21-Aug-2017 admin Warta FIB

This year, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS-UB) sent two delegations for the PIMNAS 2017. Those two teams took the same scheme: social study of humanities. “For the past two years we have managed to send two groups each year, out of four funded groups, and it needs appreciation,” said M. Andhy Nurmansyah, S.S.,  M.Hum., as the Vice Dean III of FCS-UB.

Special preparations had been started since the previous year. M. Andhy Nurmansyah, S.S., M. Hum stated, “We try to design a scheme when they run the project. In this competition, their proposal were accepted, funded, then they ran the project for approximately four months, then they were monitored, evaluated, and assessed to pass to PIMNAS.”

The first research group consists of students from the Study Program of Anthropology FCS-UB: Miftakhul Iftita (2013), Helmawati (2013), Luaiyibni Fatimatus Zuhra (2013), and Gilang Mahardika (2015).  With Siti Zurinani, S.Ant., M.A. as the supervisor, this team were interested in studying how the situation of Lapindo Mud victims is, what changes occur and how their new socio-cultural conditions are. The object of this research is the victims of Lapindo mudflow disaster in Renokenongo.

The second  research group consists of Nurul Rodiyah (Anthropology FCS 2015), Rizki Haidar Aqil (English Language Education FCS 2015), Novitri Nurimani Asha (Psychology FISIP 2015), Yayuk Windarti (Anthropology FCS 2016), Aprilia Tri Wahyu Ningrum (Anthropology FCS 2016), supervised by Putri Kumala Dewi, M.Pd. They conducted a research on A Psychoanalysis Study on the Relationship between the Followers of Dimas Kanjeng’s Loyalty and Critical Thinking.

The benefits of the research on the Followers of Dimas Kanjeng’s Loyalty and Critical Thinking are “(1) in the field of psychology, this research helps to find the relevance of faithfulness with the ability to think critically and logically, (2) in the ethnography field, it is to find what factors that cause human loyalty, critical and logical to others and the surrounding environment “, said Putri Kumala Dewi, M.Pd.

Specific strategies had been done to make FCS-UB teams pass the selection to PIMNAS. As expressed by one of the mentors, Putri Kumala Dewi, M.Pd., the topics of research should be up to date and the results of the research must have practical use for the development of science. In addition, the title of the research should be interesting. Exciting topics with boring titles would not attract the reviewers’ attention.

The release of two contingents of FCS-UB along with 29 other contingents was held on Friday, August 18, 2017 at Fatahilah Mosque, UB Rectorate Building. Prayer accompanied the event. On Tuesday, 22 August 2017, the contingents left for Makassar. The registration was done at University of Muslim Indonesia, Makasar, South Sulawesi on August 23, 2017. Then, the announcement of the winner would be on August 26, 2017. UB PIMNAS contingents will return on 28 August 2017. It is expected that in PIMNAS 2017, UB can win another general champion again and in particular FCS-UB can also achieve the best achievement . [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]

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