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START Program Hiroshima University in Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya 2017

13-Sep-2017 admin Warta FIB

Faculty of Cultural Studies Brawijaya University (FCS UB) has been visited by 23 new students along with two staffs, they were Ms. Shoko Kuwahara and Ms. Kodoi Takako, also Associate Prof. Naoe Kawamoto of Hiroshima University (HU) Japan in the short course program entitled Study Tour Abroad for Realization and Transformation (START) Program.

This is the 5th year of FCS UB pointed as the only partner of the program in Indonesia. This certainly has its own reasons, as Ms. Shoko Kuwahara stated “HU and UB, especially FCS UB, have good relationship from many years ago. FCS UB supports us to hold this START program, the staff members are so kind, the program is very complete and many of the students who participated in START program were satisfied. They got new knowledge and motivation to speak English because UB Students can speak English very well, although English is not their mother tongue, but they can speak English fluently. They can speak English more than Japanese students, so HU Students have to improve their English skill more.”

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for younger students with fewer experiences of traveling overseas to go abroad, visit partner universities, and experience foreign cultures and environment. Hiroshima University expects that such experience will open up the students’ minds and inspire them to actively participate in study abroad and international exchange activities during the rest of their period of enrollment at Hiroshima University.

The expectations were expressed by Ms. Shoko Kuwahara, “First I hope we can continue our good relationship with you in the future and UB students and HU students make a good friendship and to interact each other. And I hope this program will also continue in the future, and of course I hope not only START Program but also other programs will continue.” Apart of that, Ms. Shoko Kuwahara expressed her appreciation to FCS UB for supporting and preparing this program not only in campus but also off campus activities including transportation and residence.

Chairman of the Department of Language and Literature at the Faculty of Cultural Studies Brawijaya University, Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D., as the coordinator of START Program in FCS UB explained that the benefits of this program for FCS UB are Brawijaya University could expand the areas of cooperation with Hiroshima University, and as a promotional medium of Brawijaya University considering START Program participants are students from various faculties such as Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, and others.

This START program period lasted for two weeks, held on from August 28, 2017 up to September 8, 2017, with many agenda, which was started from welcoming the participants, studying in class, excursions study, practice, until Community Service Program. The entourage from HU arrived in Malang on Sunday, August 27, 2017. They would conduct the program for two weeks until Friday, September 8, 2017. Right on Saturday, September 9, 2017, they returned to Japan.

Opening Ceremony of START Program 2017

FCS UB welcomed the arrival of the entourage from HU on Monday August 28, 2017. Right at 08.00 WIB located on the ground floor of Building B FCS UB, the opening ceremony of the START Program was held. Guided by Melania Shinta Harendika, M.A. as MC, the event started with Report from the Chairman of Committee, that was Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D. Then it was continued by opening speech by the Dean of FCS UB. On his speech, Dean of FCS UB stated, “I hope that through the activities set up by HU and FCS-UB, HU students can learn more about Indonesia and build good relationship and cooperation between HU and UB in the future.”

The event was continued with greetings from the representatives of HU, in this case represented by Shoko Kuwahara who is one of the assistant staff of HU. Ms. Shoko Kuwahara has been a companion of HU students in the START Program twice. In her speech, Ms. Shoko Kuwahara said that in START Program, HU students would learn about Indonesian culture, society, economic, and Bahasa Indonesia, also her hope that this good relationship would be continued.

Then it was continued by greetings from the captain of HU Student, Tominaga Hikaru. In this occasion, Tominaga Hikaru expressed her gratitude for being given the opportunity to join the START Program. She said that she wanted to learn a lot of things about Indonesia and invites all students of the START Program participants to enjoy the next two weeks together. After that, the event was continued by handing kit to the students and photo session.

After the opening ceremony was over, it was continued with UB introduction by Yulia Hapsari, M.Pd. as the chairman of PSIK FCS UB. Then followed by giving insight about Indonesia by Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D. After that, HU students toured in Universitas Brawijaya and Malang City.

Lectures Activities

The subjects given to START Program students in the classes were Indonesian Language, Indonesia and Japan Relation, History of Indonesia, Politics in Indonesia, Indonesian Economy, Enviromental Issue and the Solutions, Food Processing, Tradition and Art of Indonesia, also Indonesian Social and Cultural Perspective.

Exchange Program with FCS UB Students

Cross-cultural understanding was conducted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 in front of UB Rectorate Field. In this activity the students of FCS UB and HU share each culture including traditional game. Students from FCS UB introduced “Kucing-kucingan” game. While students from HU introduced “Daruma san” game.

Excursion Study

In excursions study, the students of Hiroshima University were invited to Singasari Temple and Sumberawan Temple. On this visit, they also got explanations of the two temples.

HU students also visited Pakisaji to learn about Topeng Malangan (Malang Masks). Here the activities included greetings from the Chief of Topeng Malang Studio, explanations about the Malang Mask, coloring the mask together, practicing gamelan, practicing dancing, watching Malang Mask dance performance, photos session, and the students of HU could bring home their works. In addition, they were also taught the practice of batik in Pakis.

Excursion study was also conducted with a tour to Balekambang Beach and Mount Bromo. It aimed to provide educational tour. There, they were given an explanation about the history of the temple in Balekambang, and the explanation that Balekambang Beach is also a place of worship. As well as Mount Bromo, there the students of HU START Program were introduced about Tengger society.

Contribution to Society

The students of HU START Program also conducted Community Service Program activities in one of elementary school in Malang City namely SD Blimbing 2 Malang.

In addition, they also conducted Community Service Program in Poncokusumo Village for three days, started from Tuesday September 5, 2017 until Thursday September 7, 2017. Here they did outing activities that included gardening, farming and harvesting the fruit with the society, with the aimed to introduce the cultural and social conditions of Indonesian society.


After getting all the knowledges and experiences for about two weeks, at the end of the program, HU students had to present what they had learned and got. The presentation was also attended by students from FCS UB, so they could also participate in giving responses and questions to the students of HU START Program.

Closing Ceremony of START Program 2017

The closing ceremony of the START Program was held on Friday, September 8, 2017. The event was started at 6:00 p.m. at Ubud Cottage, where the HU entourage stayed.

The event begun with the opening by both MCs namely Melania Shinta Harendika, M.A. and Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A continued by the report of the Chairman of Committee, greeting by Dean FIB UB which was represented by Vice Dean II of FCS UB. In her speech, Vice Dean II of FCS UB expressed her gratitude for entrusted FCS UB in organizing the START Program.

The event continued with a speech from Associate Prof. Naoe Kawamoto, messages and impressions from Tominaga Hikaru as HU student representative, performance by FCS UB students and HU students.

After the performance was over, it was continued by handing the charter to participants, lecturers, and companions of START Program, as well as delivery a souvenir to Associate Prof. Naoe Kawamoto. Next was photo session, closing by MC, and hospitality. [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]