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31-Aug-2017 admin Warta FIB

Ngabab, which is located in Pujon, Malang, is one of the villages in Community Service Activities of Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. Those activities are implemented to improve the economic welfare. Along with emerging business in Ngabab Village, marketing becomes one obstacle that needs to be solved. In discussions with Community Service Team, Ngabab Village reveals that the circulation of product is still limited. With this limited marketing area, the production of Small Business Community is less developed. Therefore, appropriate and effective marketing strategy is needed.

A brochure is a simple piece of paper that will make it easy for people to remember the advertised products. Promotion through brochures really can run effectively. The content and design must be qualified; the distribution of brochures should also be right on target in accordance with the target market. Therefore, this community service is focused on the development of brochures as a marketing medium.

Brochures are effective because: 1) it can reach consumers in large quantities in a short time, 2) it can be delivered to certain consumer groups according to the target market profile, 3) consumers’ response can be known quickly, 4) potential customers can keep interesting brochures at home.

This service activity will facilitate Ngabab Village in promoting the product of Small Business Community to a wider audience. Moreover, this training also embodies the concern of Universitas Brawijaya in general and the Faculty of Cultural Sciences in particular to help advance local economic development through Small Business Community. [MSH/PSIK FIB]