Faculty of Cultural Studies

Universitas Brawijaya


10-Nov-2017 admin Warta FIB

In order to enliven the Language Month, the Study Program of Indonesian Language and Literature Education along with the students of Mata Pena, Faculty of Cultural Studies, hold Literature Festival on 11th November 2017. This event is an annual event to preserve and develop culture, especially Language and Literature which are very inherent in our lives. Bracing “Kebhinnekaan (Diversity)” as the theme of the event, is expected to deliver the spirit of unity and love of the homeland that is channeled through Indonesian language and literature in the midst of the differences in Indonesia. In addition, the philosophy of Bhinneka itself has a deep meaning in the Indonesians. Growing the spirit of diversity, especially in the millennial generation, is very important to be invested in the creation of harmony in every life.

With the theme of “Kebhinnekaan (Diversity)”, this year’s Literature Festival of Language Month presents several series of events that adorn the celebration of this Language Month. The event is brightened by several competitions on Indonesian language and literature, namely theatrical poetry, poetry creation competition, and essay contest. Located at UBTV as the main venue, this event will be covered by various performances such as Turtle Head home band, Akuindo, Dii Theater and Dance from the students of Study Program of Indonesian Language and Literature Education. In addition to the treats of various competitions, as the peak of this event, Sarasehan will be presented hosted by Mr. Joko Pinurbo. He will give the discourse about Bhinneka Perspective in Literature.

Through this event, it is expected that all Indonesians, especially the youth of the nation can be more active to build this diverse culture and foster a sense of love for the Indonesian language and literature by inculcating the spirit of culture, especially to preserve the soul of literature in human beings in every youth and the whole society of Indonesia. [FSBB/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]