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Darmasiswa and BIPA Program Students of FCS UB Participated in Reog Dance in Green Walk of Dies Natalis 55 UB

14-Dec-2017 admin Warta FIB

The students of Darmasiswa and BIPA Program of Language Division, Laboratory of Humanities, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB), participated in Reog Dance in Green Walk of Dies Natalis 55 UB event. In the event held on Sunday (10/12/17), foreign students participated in Reog performance together with Unitantri UB. Those six foreign students participating in the opening ceremony and Reog Dance were Haingo Julianah R. from Madagascar, Gidiao Da Silva (Edi) from Timor Leste, Okada Ali from Japan, Habibuddeen Luebaeteh from Thailand, Roman Pavliuk from Ukraine, and M. Ibrahim Bosha from Sudan.

At the opening ceremony, there was traditional Indonesian clothes handover, to promote local culture, by UB Rector to the foreign students. The traditional clothe is a cultural symbol to foreign students to preserve Indonesian culture. It means also that Reog belongs to Indonesia.

“As an East Java’s culture, Reog Dance is very interesting. In addition, I like to dance,” said Edi. “I also like to dance,” interrupted Julianah. Edi also said, “It’s a first time experience for us, we are very happy, and our friends in Unitantri and the coaches are very nice.” Habib also revealed the reason why he participated in Darmasiswa program, “In this program, we can learn different languages and cultures in Indonesia”.

With two-month preparation, the foreign students successfully performed in the opening ceremony of Green Walk Dies Natalis to 55 UB started from UB Roundabout and finished in parking area of Samantha Krida UB Building. In this event, there were also Band Tani Maju and Cak Lontong as the guest stars. The event was also enlivened with Brawijaya Orchestra and door prizes with umroh as the main prize. [DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]