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Study Program of English Literature from FCS-UB Got the Radio Drama Champion in Asian English Olympic (AEO) 2018

14-Feb-2018 admin Warta FIB

The Final of Asian English Olympics was just finished on February 12, 2018. In the competition, the delegation from Study Program of English Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was able to get the Champion for Radio Drama competition. It is an improvement because in the AEO 2017, the Radio Drama team of FCS-UB was able to get the runner up title.

AEO itself is an annual English competition held by BNEC (BINUS English Club) in BINUS (BINA NUSANTARA) University. The participants of the competition come from diverse countries in Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, and South Korea. AEO has eight competition branches; they are Debate, Speech, Storytelling, Newscasting, Spelling Bee, Scrabble, Short Story Writing, and Radio Drama. From the eight competitions, Faculty of Cultural Studies sent their delegation for three competitions: Storytelling, Radio Drama and Newscasting.

In the competition that was held in BINUS University, FCS-UB sent Gigih Widy M as the delegation for Storytelling competition who was able to come to octo final, while Dimas Muhammad A. R. Fari, delegation for Newscasting Competition, was able to come to Semifinals. In addition, the delegations for the Radio Drama that were able to get the Champion are:

1. Dimas Muhammad A. R. Fari (2015)
2. M. Nif’an Fatahilah (2015)
3. Shafira Delima Nur (2015)
4. Iusvaldio Ramadhan (2015)
5. Farhan Al Alfyn A. (2015)
6. Almidalla Putri A. W (2016)
1. Dimas Muhammad A. R. Fari (2015/Semifinalist)
2. Unique Orthorita B. R (2017/Octofinalist)
3. Stevano Yosua (2016/Octofinalist)
1. Gigih Widy M. (English Language Education 2016/Octofinalist)

Radio drama is a competition that obligates the participant to create an epic drama by combining the voices with music editing and voice effect that is interesting and can create dramatic atmosphere that can be felt by the listener without having to watch the visual of the drama. “A Reconciliation,” the work of Faculty of Cultural Studies’ students is able to complete all of the aspects needed to create an epic radio drama. Other than that, Universitas Brawijaya also got the award as “Best Institution” in the final of Asian English Olympic 2018 yesterday.  [Via/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]