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Elvan Bramastya: Culture and Museum Ambassador Malang 2018

14-Feb-2018 admin Warta FIB

Department of Culture and Tourism Malang were holding an election for Ambassador of Malang Culture and Museum, which was started from February 3, 2018 to February 10, 2018. This event was held to find the youth that will be able to work together with Department of Culture and Tourism to help promoting and conserving cultures and museums in Malang. The event is held biannually and the finalists or the winner will sign a contract with Department of Culture and Tourism to participate in cultural events that will be held either in Malang or outside Malang.

Elvan Bramastya, a student of English Language Education Program (2016), was able to get the position of Deputy 1 in the election of Ambassador of Culture and Museum Malang, of which the final was held on Saturday (10/2/2018). “I want to actively contribute to the development in the region. Before, I was under the association of Putra Putri Brawijaya (Ambassadors of Universitas Brawijaya). From the association, I was inspired to improve my ability to the higher level which is in the domain of City or Regency,” said Elvan.

Other than improving the self-quality by training and debriefing that he got during the event, he received many new things. “It is not only improving my knowledge about history and culture of Malang, I can also get new friends and build relation with great people in Malang. And of course, I get a new family in the association of Culture and Museum Ambassador Malang where I can work together to improve and conserve the culture in Malang”

Elvan hoped this event would influence the youth to love the culture, and change the image of museum. “Museums in this era are getting forgotten by the youth. I hope my presence and the other ambassadors’ can give positive impacts for the development of culture in the youth generation, especially in Malang,” Elvan said. [PS.PBIng/Via/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]