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Alvi Lailatil Qodriatus Sholihah, Most Outstanding Student of FCS-UB

15-Feb-2018 admin Warta FIB


We congratulate Alvi Lailatil Qodriatus Sholihah (Student of Study Program of English Education, 2016) who is elected as the Most Outstanding Student of FIB UB, 2018. Initially, Alvi got the order from the chairperson of AEELS to submit all of her achievements to the academic staff. After that, Alvi finished all the selection steps:  submitting documents, interview, and submitting a research. “I submitted my research on Monday. On the following Sunday, I was surprised, suddenly there was an announcement said that I was selected as The Most Outstanding Student of FIB UB 2018. The selection was very confidential, but I knew that each Study Program in this faculty sent their representative.

The most important thing to reach the success is daring to start. We hope that there will always be a spirit to make more achievement and to make Study Program of English Education, Faculty of Cultural Studies, and Universitas Brawijaya proud. [PS.PBIng/Ikrima/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]