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Dr. Putu Dian Danayanti Degeng, M.Pd: Films as the Learning Media

05-Apr-2018 admin Warta FIB

30th March is known as National Film Day. Film is expected not only to entertain but also to educate. Associated to it, a question is raised: Can films be a learning media, especially to learn language? “In my opinion, films can be a learning media because with films, students can get a concrete example on how teachers teach their students, mainly in teaching grammar. Furthermore, film can also teach us to be open minded teachers,” said Dr. Putu Dian Danayanti Degeng, M.Pd., a lecturer in English Education Study Program of Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya.

According to Annya (her nickname), the use of films as learning media is not to make students feel burdened. “The main purpose of using this media is to make the learning process easier. So, as long as the film can make the student easier to study, it will be okay,” She added. There is a teaching strategy that has been implemented, it is flipped classroom. “The lecturers will prepare or make a video or film that will be watched by the students at home. Therefore, they will watch the film at home, and they will discuss it later at class. This film will be used as prior knowledge,” she explained. This video should be in three-minute duration. In this study program, there is a course named ICT for Language Teaching. So, film can be inserted to that course as a learning media. “Students are also allowed to create film as their final project,” Annya explained.

Not only documentary films or features, but also commercial film can be used as the learning media. “As long the film is suitable with the purpose of our study, because usually, commercial films would frame the real image of life,” Annya added. One film was recommended by Annya, is The Ron Clark Story. This film was produced in 2006, starred by Matthew Perry and won some awards. This film is based on a true story about an idealistic teacher that left his hometown to teach in a school in New York City, where she got problem with his students. “This films tells the story about classroom management, I can use this film as the task in the classroom management course. The students can get a clear picture of theories that they learn,” Annya said.

Questioned about her favorite film, Annya answered that she likes Korean films. “Korean films always put important elements. They strongly show their tradition. The respect towards older people is very good,” she explained. In her opinion, not only as the media to study, film can also be the media to form a character. “So, when watching Korean films, they not only learn about English through the subtitle, but also the culture that can form their character” (PS.PBIng/Ikrima/Via/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)