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Rosana Hariyanti, M.A., and Alvi lailatil Q.S to be the Nominees of “21 Perempuan Inspiratif” by MAS FM Radio

07-May-2018 admin Warta FIB

MAS FM Radio Malang held an award entitled “21 Perempuan Inspiratif” in order to commemorate Kartini’s day. MAS FM has been holding the award show since 2016. In the event, MAS FM together with Nature E chose 51 nominees who will be rewarded as the top 21 as the most inspirational women.

The nominees were the women recommended by the audience of MAS FM considered as a role model and be able to motivate the other people. To be the nominees of the award, they have to be recommended and registered by other people, not by themselves. The categories to select the nominees are quite tight too. They will consider the background and experiences of the nominees.

The categories of the assessment are including the influences of the nominees toward their environment, activity, achievement, and votes from the society, also the activity that are done by the nominees in their community of society. Through the selection process, a lecturer and a student of Faculty of Cultural Study (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) are managed to be the nominee of “21 Perempuan Inspiratif

Rosana Hariyanti, M.A., is one of the lecturers of French Language and Literature Study Program and also serves as the Head of French Language and Literature Study Program in FCS- UB. She said that MAS FM radio contacted her and told her that she managed to be one of the nominees in “21 Perempuan Inspiratif” award. This can happen because her contribution in the field of education is very influential. Rosana Hariyanti has been teaching since 2005, periodically held a research in literature, and become the speaker of some seminars, national and international. She also did community service for the improvement of reading interest in the society in Malang in “Rumah Baca Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim” and for the stray children or abandoned children in the town square; she also held a workshop on Journalistic (working with Surya news) in Sanan village. She is also active as a translator for children books and encyclopedia for Tiga Serangkai and Tiga Ananda publisher and she is a translator for Jalasutra publisher. Furthermore, she is also publishing her work on scientific research on literature and education in national scientific journal.

Other than Mrs. Rosana, Alvi Lailatil Q.S who is a student of English Language and Education study program of FCS-UB also managed to be a nominee of the award show. It can be possible because her achievement as a student has been proved and it can be said that she is very successful as a student. It was started by winning on some competitions since she was in Senior High School, as the champion in her school in Social Science category, then she passed the SNMPTN and Bidik Misi scholarship test so that she can attend her study in college for free. She also developed her writing skills and succeeded on publishing her novel and children book. She also participated in many competitions but she still maintains her academic achievements too. She was crowned as the most outstanding students of “Mahasiswa Berprestasi” in Faculty of Cultural Studies 2018.

Alvi succeeded on motivating other women and students to stop blaming the condition but instead of trying to create the best thing within the situation. “The time to mourn is better to be used as the time to gain more achievements, but we should not boast our achievements because there are a lot of better people out there,” said Alvi.

“I feel happy since my activity and contributions all this time are seen as inspirational,” said Rosa when she was asked about her response as a nominee. She also said that an event like this will be motivating and inspiring other women. (Via/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)