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“Size Matters ?”Art Creation Isn’t Blocked by Size

08-May-2018 admin Warta FIB

Jejeran Seni Fupa Murni Universitas Brawijaya batch 2015 or is commonly known as JERAMI held a fine art exhibition entitled “Size Matters?” This exhibition was a part of Arts Management Application course. In the previous semester, Art Management courses consisted of theories, at this time, the Fine Arts students will apply the theory and pour it into a work of art. Currently, these paintings lined up neatly in the exhibition room “Size Matters?” Building A FIB UB. The exhibition itself opened with a series of opening ceremonies at Teras Budaya FCS UB and a discussion titled “Kebutuhan Seni Rupa Kontemporer Hari Ini” with Ahmad Budi Santoso, opened to the public in Building A FIB 1.2.

The art exhibition entitled “Size Matters?” itself questions whether a medium size is applicable in creating a work. The size of 50 x 50 cm does not become a problem in creating a masterpiece. Given such a small size than the usual work on exhibition, the artist’s creativity is not hindered by size. The neatly laid out paintings, which are currently on display, are the success of answering the question. The works are judged by how an artist pours out ideas, forms and techniques in creating a work. Therefore, 76 out of 116 works of Fine Arts students are selected to compete for the best work. Artists, lecturers of Fine Arts and writers, do the selection process itself.

Through this exhibition, JERAMI also offers to bring home one of the works on display. Considering this exhibition is a semi-commercial exhibition, “70% of the sales of one work will be given to the painter, the rest for the organizer of this event,” said Nur Abdillah Khamida, one of the artists in this exhibition. The exhibition is intended to foster creativity and foster student optimism of Fine Arts in creating a work. It can be proven that the size of a media is not a problem to express an idea into a slick artwork. It was also expected to encourage other young generations to continue working without questioning a word of “limit”. (Vivi/MSH/PSIK FIB)