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Elvan Bramastya Kalengkongan Elected as Runner Up Joko Roro Malang

11-May-2018 admin Warta FIB

Again, Elvan Bramastya Kalengkongan (English Education, 2016) carved out an achievement. Located at Gunung Kawi Amphitheater, Wonosari, Malang (28 / April / 2018), he succeeded to become Runner Up Joko Roro Malang. “I’m very surprised remembering that I’m not sure I can get the top three,” said Elvan.

The event was organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture of Malang through a very solid process, approximately for two months. Starting on February 25, 2018, the Technical Meeting was then continued by selection in every week, starting from 1st – 3rd selection. “The interview as an initial selection was on February 25, it was then continued by some written tests and English tests,” explained Elvan. After the 1st selection, the participants followed the Group Discussion Forum where each group discussed a topic related to tourism. At the last selection, each participant was given a tourist destination to be presented. “I have to present this topic during the 3rd selection in front of the jury and thank God I was one of 200 candidates to be the one of the 30 finalists,” Elvan said.

It can be said that the activities are so dense. “It’s quite a lot actually, started by visiting several offices ranging from the Department of Tourism and Culture, Department of Settlement and Creation, and also to the Health Office. There we made a visit and learned about the tourism in Malang,” explained Elvan. All finalists must also follow the outbound and night of intimacy from 30 March, 2018 to 1 April, 2018 in the village of Sanankerto in Bonpring, Turen. In the last three days, all finalists were quarantined in Gunung Kawi Amphitheater to perform a rehearsal and final checking from blocking the stage and reinforce the previously acquired tourism material.

Being the top 3 in this election is completely beyond the expectation. “I’m still optimistic to be in the best 7. Praise the Lord, I was chosen as the big 7. I did not really expect to get into the top 3, but I was able to become the 2nd runner up,” said Elvan. For future prospect, Elvan is entrusted to become a participant of Putra Putri Batik Nusantara 2019.

Duta Joko Roro is concentrated as Tourism Ambassador of Malang. Malang has a large area in East Java. Thirty ambassadors of Joko Roro have been mapped based on the ability to handle several fields. “If I personally handled the socialization of the tourism conscious group where later in each month we have an agenda from the Department of Tourism to conduct a guidance to the community about the tourism awareness. Onne of three strategies in Malang is the optimization of tourism sector,” said Elvan.

According to Elvan, the potential development in Malang so far can be quite good because Malang is recognized as a Regency with the best tourist villages in Indonesia as in Pujon Kidul and Poncokusumo. In addition, Malang Regency has also enormous potential in the natural field. “As we know, there are many beaches, mountains, even the waterfalls in Malang. Cultural tourism Malang Regency is also a center of East Java culture,” he explained.

Having participated in similar contests before, Elvan felt his duties were almost the same. “What is different from the election I have followed is from its concentration and the region. As a cultural ambassador, I concentrated more to promote culture and museum. Now, I am a Tourism Ambassador in Malang that has a branding of The Heart of East Java,” he explained. With the broader realm, Elvan felt the task was heavier. “It requires a tough mental especially with my position as a representative 2,” he continued.

Some plans have been prepared by Elvan for the future, especially the preparation for his participation in Putra Putri Batik Nusantara 2019. “Besides, I also do my responsibility as a Tourism Ambassador,” said Elvan.