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Guest Lecture: Romantic Poetry Analysis

06-Jul-2018 admin Warta FIB

Romantic Poetry is a course that must be taken by fourth-semester students of English Literature Study Program (Faculty of Cultural Studies) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). In understanding the meaning behind the beauty of words by the poets, students sometimes still have problems. This is what prompted the Romantic Poetry teaching team to organize guest lecture “Romantic Poetry Analysis” with Subur Wardoyo, Ph.D. as the main speaker.

The guest lecture  which was held in the 2nd floor Auditorium of FCS building A had to be attended by all enrolled students who are taking Romantic Poetry courses. Subur Wardoyo, Ph.D. who is a lecturer from Diponegoro University, discussed several poems with an interesting approach, embellished with interactive games that not only add to the notion of Romantic Poetry but also arouse students’ interest. This is what makes the students seem active and engrossed in the discussion and question and answer with the speakers. (MH/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)