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A Short Story by A Chinese Literature Student in UB’s Mimbar Tabloid

19-Jul-2018 admin Warta FIB

A short story by Eka Trisilia Dewi, a student of Chinese Literature Study Program batch 2016 was published in Mimbar tabloid of Universitas Brawijaya No 382/ III/ 2018. Her short story entitled From Diary is on page 14 of the literary section in the tabloid. This is the first time of her work to be published on Mimbar tabloid. This is very surprising because she often participated in short story competitions and never passed the selection.

It was a pride for her as a student when her work was published by a campus tabloid. Universitas Brawajaya opens its door for students of any major who have works such as scientific articles, short stories, and inspirational stories to be published. They can be directly sent via email to Universitas Brawijaya.

Eka, who comes from Lamongan, idolizes Fiersa Besari. She also has a hobby to perform traditional dances. She often writes short stories in her spare time. She also sometimes writes poems.

In the process of writing short stories From Diary, she has no difficulty because her story was taken from her personal experiences. The process of making took about a week. She sent three short stories to Universitas Brawijaya email and one of her short stories was published on Mimbar tabloid of UB.

When asked about the benefits or values that can be taken from the short story, she replied “This story is about a long distance relationship, about how to maintain a relationship with a strong commitment. The names of characters were from my own name, my father’s and my close friends’ and I slightly modify them.” Indeed, results do not betray the hard work, Eka Trisilia Dewi who previously often failed and was not discouraged to continue to work until now she is able to show that her short story is worth to be taken into account. (Afandi/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)