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Community Service of FCS UB in Ngabab Pujon Malang

03-Aug-2018 admin Warta FIB

One of the community service teams from Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held community services in Ngabab village aiming to empower Ngabab community in culture, education and tourism side. Ngabab Village is one of the villages located in Pujon District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. The village is renowned as an educational tourism village and has 3 sub-villages namely Krajan, Lemburejo, and Torongrejo.

There are many potentials owned by Ngabab village in terms of arts, farming, and performances that need to be developed. The community service team in Ngabab village is trying to develop this potential by facilitating the needs of the people there. Among the programs that have been running is production of  Ngabab traditional batik which is currently used as a uniform by Ngabab village officer and further will be used also as a school batik uniform in that area. Ngabab traditional batik will also be used as batik home in the empowerment of batik village in the houses of Ngabab villagers so that when tourists come they can immediately see the traditional batik of Ngabab. The empowerment of the batik village is also aimed to make Ngabab traditional batik goes on sale in the future.

Education in Ngabab village is also a potential that needs to be developed. The community service team in Ngabab village for the past two years has successfully inaugurated the “Rumah Baca” which is now available in three places in Krajan, Lemburejo, and Torongrejo. Rumah Baca aims to increase interest in reading, raising awareness of the importance of education, and improving the welfare of Ngabab villagers.

Community service team from FCS UB also tried to develop tourism potential in Ngabab village with plans to make a guide book of Ngabab village tourism. In the book, Ngabab village potential will be documented and recorded, so the profile of Ngabab village can be learnt from the book. In addition to the book, the community service team also seeks to boost the public’s awareness of cleanliness and beauty as a clean environment is a good reflection to be looked at by tourists later on.

Syariful Muttaqin, M.A. said, “Ngabab is a built-in village that has become an educational tourism village. Our next plan is to develop education such as providing learning to make Ngabab traditional batik for anyone who wants to learn directly how to make it and learning to make yogurt there. We also plan to develop artistic potential in Ngabab village such as batik and dance in the hope that traditional dance and Ngabab traditional batik can be promoted through various festivals, exhibitions, and so on”. (MH/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)