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Alvi Lailatil Qodriatus Sholihah: Writing Children’s Stories is Challenging

10-Sep-2018 admin Warta FIB

Writing is a fun activity because by writing, all feelings can be poured out. Besides, writing is a medium to provide good examples to the readers. Alvi Lailatil Qodriatus Sholihah, a student of English Language Education (Pebasis), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) batch 2016 is one who pursues the world of writing.

“For me, writing is both a hobby and a habit,” she said. In 2014, Alvi had published a teen novel entitled ‘Because I’m Not Pretty’. This publication was a form of gift because Alvi won the writing contest. “The publisher glanced at the story and apparently, the response was good. But because the contract was only a year, the book was no longer produced,” she explained.

Alvi is also interested in writing children’s stories. She is writing ‘Annisa the Series’. The first story that has been published was ‘Lupa Baca Basmallah’. “I worked with the publisher where I sent the manuscript and had to revise it repeatedly until finally it could be issued in March 2018 assisted by the illustrator from the publisher,” she explained. Now Alvi is preparing next story from Annisa the Series. For this series, Alvi used it as an education of Islamic teaching for children through stories.

“In the third semester, I started learning to write stories for children,” she explained. Many things make Alvi interested in writing children’s stories. “There are incredible imaginations and moral values in children literature. It is different from stories for teenagers,” she said. In children literature, the choice of words and moral values in the story become particular concern. “So it’s not just an ordinary story but an educational story,” continued one of the Inspirational Women of MFM 2018.

Choosing children stories is a boring thing for some people, but Alvi loved fairy tales since she was a kid. Therefore, she always hopes to write fairy tales or children stories of her own. “I want to write children’s stories to make them motivated to continue learning and going forward,” she explained.

Teenagers are interested in reading. “They often open certain sites and read them. Unfortunately, the articles they read are not qualified, such as gossips and hate speeches. But there are still many teens who like to read positive things such as searching for books to learn,” she said. According to her, children prefer something that can be seen directly. “There are many children who prefer to read picture stories rather than watching videos,” she continued.

As a student of education study program, Alvi, who was also elected as Mawapres 2018 UB, feels that fairy tales can be used as learning media, especially language learning. “Because the fairy tale itself has an approach side that is secretly direct to its purpose. For example, children learn foreign languages from fairy tales. This will add a lot of new vocabulary to them”, she said. (PS.PBIng/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)