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Irsyad Martias, S.S., M.A. Takes a Doctoral Study at National Chengchi University in Taiwan

13-Sep-2018 admin Warta FIB

For those who work in the academic and research world, a doctorate is the highest formal goal in academic education. Doctoral degrees are not only seen as external attributes, but more on the demands in the teaching profession itself. Therefore, Irsyad Martias, S.S., M.A., one of the lecturers of the Anthropology Study Program at the Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya, continues his studies at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Department of Asian Pacific Studies.

At present, Taiwan has a New Southbound Policy as its Foreign Policy. The policy is one of Taiwan’s cooperation strategies with 18 countries in ASEAN, South Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, many education funds are distributed to Indonesia, as one of the effects of this policy.

On September 7, 2018, Irsyad set his feet on NCCU, which is a national research university in China. NCCU is also one of the leading and prestigious universities in Taiwan. Through a series of hard work in obtaining grant starting in February 2018, finally, Irsyad got the education funding by the Taiwan government in April 2018.

There was a positive impression when Irsyad firstly arrived at the NCCU campus, especially in terms of learning comfort. The campus, which is located near the mountains and forest, is very beautiful. NCCU has library, sports and student activity centers. Another interesting thing is the student card is integrated with public transportation services. Students can use it to travel in Taiwan at special prices. The card also applies as a debit card in a shopping center.

One of the obstacles faced by Irsyad is that even though lectures are delivered in English, the off-campus conversations use Mandarin. Therefore, he advised the prospective NCCU students from Indonesia to prepare themselves with Chinese.

Irsyad will study for four years with a maximum extension of one year. Irsyad is interested in studying at NCCU because the university has a curriculum that is in accordance with his research plan, namely the Asia Pacific study with policy and cultural concentration.

Success, Mr. Irsyad! (MSH/PSIK FIB)