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Congratulations! Study Program of English FCS UB Achieves “A” in National Accreditation Board

25-Sep-2018 admin Warta FIB

Accreditation is the government’s recognition of educational institutions, including the Study Program at each university. In carrying out accreditation, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia authorizes the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) as the only accreditation body. This board was formed to improve the quality of higher education in terms of the academic atmosphere, institutional management, relevance, efficiency and sustainability of higher education.

In 2018, Study Program of English, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) conducted a series of accreditation processes which began with self-evaluation in PS which refers to the guidelines that have been published by BAN-PT, as well as filling the instruments of accreditation. Then, the BAN-PT Secretariat reviewed the instrument for further assessment.

On September 13-15 2018, Prof. Dr. Baso Jabu, M. Hum from the State University of Makassar and Dr. Ni Luh Nyoman Seri Malini, M.Hum. from Udayana University as the assessors of BAN-PT conducted a visitation to the Study Program of English. This visit aimed to clarify, verify, and validate the data and information submitted by the Study Program of English.

After a long journey of hard work of the entire academic community of FCS UB and Study Program of English, in particular, based on BAN-PT Decree No 2611/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S1/IX/2018, Study Program of English is declared accredited with rating A, which is valid from 18 September 2018 – 18 September 2023.

The accreditation results of Study Program of English have several benefits as a reference for the study program in improving the quality of education and the development plan. For the Faculty, the results of this accreditation are also useful as information for mapping the indicators of the success of the academic performance. The results of this accreditation are also useful for educators to always improve themselves to provide the best service for students. For the community, this accreditation is useful as accurate information to state the quality of education offered by Study Program of English.

Congratulations, English Literature Study Program FCS UB! (MSH/PSIK FIB)