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A Lecturer of FCS UB Join the Long-Term Training Program in Japan

09-Oct-2018 admin Warta FIB

Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A., a Japanese Literature lecturer at FCS UB, was lucky to get the opportunity of the Long-Term Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese Language held by the Japan Foundation, Japan. The Japan Foundation regularly provides various training facilities, one of which is training for Japanese language teachers. The Japanese language-teaching program is divided into short-term (3 months) and long-term (6 months). In registering this training, Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A. filled in the application file downloaded on the Japan Foundation official website. Usually, the opening of the registration begins early December to mid-December. The training programs that can be followed depend on the length of the teaching experience. Short-term training is aimed at teachers who already have teaching experience over 10 years, while for long-term is aimed at teachers who have teaching experience less than 10 years and are maximum 35 years old. In addition to filling out the application file, applicants are also asked to make a short essay on teaching experience, the difficulties encountered while teaching and what to learn when attending this training. In addition, recommendations from superiors are also needed.

The training attended by Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A. is a training for Japanese language lecturers in the long-term course category which is held for 6 months, from the beginning of September 2018 to the beginning of March 2019. The training that was participated in was held at the Japan Foundation, Urawa, Japan. The training material provided was about improving Japanese language skills and the ability to teach Japanese (especially with teaching materials/ linguistic material handbooks). In addition, there were also activities that introduced Japanese culture. There are also activities that involve the community around the training site, so that the trainees can directly experience the social environment of the Japanese community. This will also be obtained during the implementation of the homestay, which will be held in November.

During this training, Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A. did not really feel the cultural shock because she had studied Japanese culture and the mindset of the people. However, of course, the real state of society is different from what is in the book or on the internet. Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A. is very excited because she can experience things that have only been seen in the textbook. However, she needs more concentration because the overall learning is done using Japanese.

She hopes, after attending this training, Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A. can be better in teaching. Of course not only in the field of language and teaching, but there will be more understanding of Japanese culture and society. She also hopes that this training can be useful also for Japanese Literature Study Program and the students.