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Alumni Gathering 9th Anniversary of FCS UB: Alumni are an Important Part of FCS UB

12-Oct-2018 admin Warta FIB

In the same day as Green Walk event, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an Alumni Gathering as a series of the 9th Anniversary of FCS UB on Sunday (10/7/2018). At the Alumni Gathering held on the 2nd floor of building A FCS UB, there were several series of agendas, including Walk-in interviews, IKA Meeting, and Parallel Workshops.

Walk-in job interview started at 8 a.m uuntil finish in room 2.14 – 2.15 building A FCS UB. In this walk-in job interview, FCS UB cooperates with PT. Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions Manufacturing and PT. Wanatiara Persada. Both companies were looking for graduates of FCS UB, precisely Chinese Literature graduates to work as translators and interpreters at PT. Wanatiara Persada, and Japanese Literature or Japanese Language Education graduates to work at PT. Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions Manufacturing.

At 10 a.m., Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E, DEA, the Dean of FCS UB, officially opened the Alumni Gathering and IKA Meeting in room 2.11 of building A FCS UB. It was carried out after the Green Walk event was over. In his speech, the Dean conveyed several things. “We seek study programs at FCS UB that get B accreditation will get A accreditation, and those who are already accredited A are expected to get international accreditation. Therefore, we need the help of alumni to get input so that what we design here is in accordance with market needs,” said Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E, DEA.

“We hope the alumni will remain part of FCS UB. With the alumni, we can evaluate and improve ourselves so that we can prepare FCS UB graduates to be better. Moreover, this is also an important point in the assessment of BAN PT. The relationship between FCS UB and alumni is a reciprocal relationship. Besides asking for alumni’s assistance, we also want to share and provide something for alumni, for example information on domestic and foreign scholarships, workshops, and so on,” he continued.

“FCS UB is getting better not because of the work of one or two people, but the result of all cooperation. Hopefully FCS UB will become more advanced and respected, its contribution will increase to universities even internationally, and the most important thing is also useful for the surrounding environment,” Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E, DEA hoped in closing his speech.

After the speech of the Dean, the event continued with a report from Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Hamamah, M.Pd., Ph.D., a prayer led by Achmad Ruslan Hariyono, S.P., Head of Academic and Student Affairs Subdivision, and presentation by Mrs. Lina from PT. Wanatiara Persada.

At 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., the event continued with Parallel Workshops in room 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13 building A FCS UB with topics including ‘Tips for Further Study Abroad and Gaining Scholarship’ with Ika Nurhayani, Ph.D., who is a LPDP and Fullbright reviewer, and serves as the Head of Linguistics Master Degree FCS UB as a speaker; ‘Language Teaching Method’ with Afifah Rinjani, an Indonesian Language and Literature Education FCS UB alumni who currently work as a teacher at Amanatul Umah High School and International School; ‘Entrepreneurship in the Field of Language and Culture’ with Zulham Akhmad Mubarrok, an English Literature FCS UB graduate who is now the Head Editor of NU-Kita media and CEO of Agra Nirwasita Technology as the speaker.

The parallel workshop was opened for students, alumni and public because the topics were broad and in accordance with FCS UB. “Hopefully, with the presence of two companies on the walk in interview, it is expected to be developed into collaboration with the two companies”, said Aris Siswanti, S.S, M.Pd. as the Alumni Gathering event coordinator. (DT/AG/PSIK FIB)