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Ninth Anniversary of FCS UB: Workshop on ‘Preparing Yourself to Study Abroad’

11-Oct-2018 admin Warta FIB

On Wednesday (3/10/2018), Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) held a workshop on ‘Preparing Yourself to Study Abroad’ by inviting Jodeen M. Shiek. As a series of the ninth Anniversary of FCS UB, this workshop was held in collaboration with UTS Insearch, UIG English@UB Malang, and Language Division, Laboratory of Humanities FCS UB.

The event was opened by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs FCS UB, Hamamah, M.Pd., Ph.D, followed by the speech from the Head of UIG English, Mariam Kartikatresne. The number of participants who attended this workshop was 118 people from various faculties in UB, ranging from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Administrative Studies, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Social and Political Studies and many more. In addition, there were also participants from Surabaya, Kanjuruhan University, State University of Malang, UIN, UMM, Mulawarman University, and SMAN 2 Sidoarjo.

At the workshop, Jodeen M. Shiek explained the reasons why the participants had to take part in the IELTS screening test at UIG English@UB Malang, including (1) assisting in preparing the official IELTSTM test, (2) helping to get used to English language proficiency tests, (3) knowing the IELTSTM score, (4) having a great opportunity to discuss English learning with the best counselor UIG English@UB Malang for free, and (5) the opportunity to get an education scholarship.

After the presentation, there were also listening and reading exercises for the participants. For further information, please contact UIG English@UB Malang office in Language Division, Laboratory of Humanities, 1st floor, building A FCS UB.

Jodeen M. Shiek is a UIG English Academic Leader and an IELTS examiner. She studied at Iowa State University, USA; Wartburg College, Waverly Iowa, USA; and Aston University, Birmingham, England for Masters of TESOL. She has also been an EFL Senior Teacher at Executive English Programs; Teacher Trainers, Senior Teachers, and Director of Studies at The British Institute (TBI); and currently active in TBI as Head of Academic Affairs, and Academic Coordinator at UTS Insearch Gramedia (UIG). (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)