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FCS UB Held National Conference on Culture II Indonesia as the Imagination Space

09-Nov-2018 admin Warta FIB

On Wednesday (11/07/2018) Anthropology Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) held a National Conference on Culture II with the theme of Indonesia as the Imagination Space – interpreting 73th Independent of Indonesia in the Auditorium 2nd floor of Building A FCS UB. The aim of choosing this theme was to reflect the extent to which the nation’s imagination formed during the 73th of Indonesia’s independence, how the spaces of national imagination were formed by today’s communication technology, what happened in the creative space of the arts and religious sacredness in interpreting Indonesia, and how the world education in imagining nations and countries in the reformation era.

In general, this National Conference on Culture II discussed how the dynamics of urban and rural material culture space in relation to infrastructure development in the Jokowi era, and whether there is a mythological space affected by these massive developments. The power of space in the realm of law, economy and politics ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election is something that could not be ignored. In particular, National Conference on Culture II also discussed the discourse of national memory space, both officially created by the State and contained in the collective memory of Indonesian society.

This National Conference on Culture II invited researchers from various disciplines with a multidisciplinary perspective from various fields such as anthropology, philosophy, politics, economics, law, psychology, literature, media and communication, history, architecture, arts and other humanities socio-sciences to see and discuss the complexity of imaginative dynamics from the grand project called the Indonesian Nation.

There were three main speakers in this National Conference on Culture II event: Prof. Peter Carey (Historian) who presented his research entitled Imagining Indonesia – Historical Perspective, 1785-1942, Yudi Latif, Ph.D (National Observer) who explained about the Youth Oath and National Disruption, and Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel (Lecturer of Anthropology Study Program FCS UB) with his research Religion Dialogue: The Path to Joint Space.

“We should be grateful to live in Indonesia with abundant agriculture, livestock, and fisheries, even possessing the most number of tribes and languages in the world. We must unite, we cannot be separated, and in the near future we will celebrate Heroes’ Day. By uniting, we will become a great nation,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS., Rector of UB in his remarks when opening the National Conference on Culture II event.

There were 82 abstracts registered for this conference. After being selected, there were about 41 abstracts summarized in the proceeding. The researchers came from various universities in Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture, and there was also a presenter came from China. The sub-themes for this event include: (1) Space of Media and Nationality, (2) Space of Art-Culture, Religion and Indonesian Imagination, (3) Space of Education and Nationality, (4) Space of Infrastructure Urban and Nationality, (5) Space of Economic, Political, Law and Power, and (6) Space of Nationality Memory. (DT / NLN/ PSIK FIB)