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FCS UB Students Won the 3rd Place at the National Level of Japanese Speech Contest

26-Oct-2018 admin Warta FIB

Japanese Language Speech Contest of University Level was held by University of Darma Persada Jakarta in collaboration with Hiroshima University, Japan, last Saturday (10/20/2018) . This competition was held at Darma Persada University with 10 selected universities as participants from all over Indonesia, namely Hasanudin University, Indonesian Education University, Universitas Brawijaya, Gadjah Mada University, Darma Persada University, Padjajaran University, University of Indonesia, Udayana University, University of North Sumatra and Airlangga University.

The selection process was divided into two stages. The first one was a manuscript selection where each university could send theirs not more than 5 texts. These manuscripts were sent to Hiroshima University, where the best manuscript from each university would be selected. The selected manuscripts then were proceeded to the second selection. The second selection was a speech contest held at Darma Persada University. The ones who participated in this session were the ones from those 10 universities whose texts had passed the first stage selection.

This Japanese speech contest was held annually. Using the theme “Transportation”, the contest this year was the third one. This contest was also supported by the Japanese Embassy and sponsored by Fukuyama Transporting Co. Ltd.

In this 3rd Japanese Speech Contest of University Level, the participant from Universitas Brawijaya — Mohammad Romadhon from the Japanese Literature Study Program Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) — won the 3rd place. Even though Universitas Brawijaya’s representations had not won the 1st place, Universitas Brawijaya’s achievements in this Japanese Language Speech Contest at the National Level could motivate other students to be able to achieve better achievements in the next competitions. (PS.SJep/DT//NLN/PSIK FIB)