Faculty of Cultural Studies

Universitas Brawijaya

Feel the Japanese Era Modern in Isshoni Tanoshimimashou 11

Minna! The long-awaited event finally came again. What else? It’s definetely Isshoni Tanoshimimashou (IT). In 2016, IT will be held for the 11th time. Beny Setiyawan was the Chief Executive of the 11th IT bringing up the theme Japan Modern Era or in Japanese 現代 の 日本 (Gendai no Nippon). As in previous years, the 11th IT will also be held for two days. However, the difference is on each day agenda. The first day will be filled with competitions or full education, while the second day is festival day. It will be full of performances from bands and guest star, Hanabi, Cosplay Contest, community booths and many other exciting events.

Itano-kun and Ita-Chan that had been introduced as an icon of the 10th IT would be a permanent icon for this 11th IT. Yet, it will not only be Itano-Kun and Ita-Chan; a Godzilla named Gozali as an additional icon will be a special twist on the 11th IT.

The story behind the 11th IT icon spots light a monster named Gozali who was awakened by

a nuclear explosion. It attacked the people on earth. Gozali symbolizes challenges that exist in the 11th IT. There will also be Ultraman- a hero who fought to appease the anger of the Gozali. In the 11th IT story, Ultraman symbolizes the committee itself. Yet, in a different point of view, Gozali can also be regarded as a hero because without Gozali people will not realize his mistake that can be harmful for the environment. This point of view sees that the 11th IT cannot achieve the best results without the problems that come as a challenge and an evaluation for this event. Thus, the 11th IT can be held because of the heroes.

The 11th IT committee is divided into two divisions, namely Red and Blue. Red Division consists of the transperman (transport, equipment and security), the event, PDDD (publications, documentation, design and decor), consumption, yukata, rides and bazaars. While the Blue Division is in charge with all competitions; quiz, benron and kikikakitori, manfando (manga, fan art and doujinshi), karaoke, shodo and rodoku, band, cosmos (cosplay and community) and a new competition namely kanji division. So, let’s come and feel the festivity of Japanese Education and Culture Festival: the 11th Isshoni Tanoshimimashou at the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. Save the date! May 14-15, 2016. Do not miss it!