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MUSICS’s History

MUSICS began in 2006. At that time, Faculty of Cultural Studies was a Language and Literature Program. At first, several students who were music fans gathered in front of Faculty of Cultural Studies building to share knowledge about music, experience, and hobby. In that association, there was a problem about establishment of small groups of jazz, rock, pop. The problem continued until MUSICS was established in 2009.

Later, MUSICS actively organized events like kustik in wifizone, which was held in the Faculty of Cultural Studies’ hall. However, after the development, some MUSICS’ activities became passive. MUSICS just followed competitions held by Universitas Brawijaya or public. Although being passive in events organizing, MUSICS can contribute some achievements for Faculty of Cultural Studies. One of them was getting the third place on Festival Jazz Kharisma and competitions between faculties.

After being passive in some years, MUSICS started to try organizing some events. One of them is Musicoustic, which is also supported by Dean. Now, MUSICS develops into independent and innovative student activity unit. MUSICS provides services like lending sound system, music equipment and soundmen.

Program of MUSICS


Musicoustic is an event for performances from MUSICS’ member and the other students. This event is like acoustic activity in front of Faculty of Cultural Studies Building or “Genjreng-genjreng Bareng”

Music Class

Music class is held twice in a week. The purpose of this event is giving facility for students who want to play music. MUSICS will provide some informant to teach how to play music like drum, bass, guitar, and keyboard.

Music Clinic and Show Your Talent

Music Clinic and Show Your Talent is the biggest MUSICS’ event. This event is held in two days. Music Clinic in the first day followed by Show Your Talent in the second day. Music Clinic is like a clinic for music fans. There will be a famous speaker to share knowledge about music, it can be about song arranging. While Show Your Talent is a performance from MUSICS’ member and the other students.

Vision and Mission


Being a place for Faculty of Cultural Studies residents to be competent in the field of music management


-          Increasing the faculty resources in the music field

-          Improving human resources and the quality of MUSICS members

-          Establishing mutual cooperation with partners and communities inside and outside of Faculty of Cultural Studies

-          Following the music competition inside and outside FIB to add experience in music