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Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences is an institution that oversees the activities, movements, and achievements of students to be able to prepare before coming into the real community. It is expected that the dynamic and sustainable movement of BEM to always accommodate the aspirations of students. Regarding to that expectation, it must take a good relationship between BEM with bureaucrats and students themselves so that it can lead to good integration.
1.    To establish an effective internal and external coordination in BEM FCS-UB.
2.    To form a place to do upgrading in knowledge field and expression and as the place to collect aspiration, by collaborating with all of the elements in FCS-UB.
3.     To grow professional attitude in internal stewardship in BEM FCS-UB
Daily organizer arrangement

Cabinet NameIntegration


To make Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Cultural Studies UB as the motor to build integration in Faculty of Cultural Studies.


President Iqbal Addiqri

Vice President Muhammad Naufal

Cabinet Treasurer I Yolanda F. S

Cabinet Tresurer II Roida Rosa

Cabinet Secretary I Stephanie Lintang

Cabinet Secretary II Chatelia Noer Cholby

Website bem.fib.ub.ac.id

Instagram @BEMFIBUB