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9th Anniversary of FCS UB: Pataka Budaya Carnival as a Symbol of Unity in Diversity

22-Oct-2018 humaniora Berita, Divisi Budaya, Uncategorized

In 2018, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) enters its 9th year. An Anniversary was held which took the theme “Strengthening Cultural Identity in the Millennial Era”. This Anniversary commemoration contains a series of activities that foster a spirit of togetherness among the academic community of FCS UB as well as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for the journey and development of FCS UB for the past nine years. This activity is also expected to be able to foster the spirit of academic community FCS UB to continue to work and excel in togetherness.

Pataka Budaya means “flag” or “banner of culture”. Pataka is usually given to a group through a ceremony. Therefore, pataka is respected because it symbolizes the group’s tradition.

Pataka Budaya Carnival was held on Thursday (27/9/2018) starting at 09.00 WIB with a speech from the Dean of FCS UB, Yosakoi Dance Performance by students of FCS UB, the Carnival, Barongsai Art of Eng An Kiong, and Jaran Kepang Dance of Putra Manggala.

At the carnival, the accompaniment of the Pataka Budaya carnival consisted of FCS UB Ambassadors, the Deans, International Contingent, Contingents of Study Programs and Education Staff, as well as Barongsai, Yosakoi, and Jaranan dancers. When the procession passed through the Rector Building, the contingents were welcomed by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and the Vice Rector for Student Affairs who symbolically delivered Pataka Budaya to be brought to FCS UB. On this occasion, FCS UB asked for a blessing to smooth the ninth Anniversary of FCS UB event series.

Pataka Budaya Carnival was full of unique costume worn by each contingent that characterizes a particular country’s culture. The staff contingent wore Indonesian traditional costume, an international contingent consisting of Darmasiswa RI students and Korean community wore customary attire from each of their countries, the Indonesian Language Education Contingent (Dikasasindo) uses the costume of Epic Rama Sinta.

In addition, the English Language Contingent (Pebasis) contingent used Apache costumes complete with horses, Japanese Language Education and Japanese Literature contingents wore Yukata and Kimono, French Contingent, Anthropology contingent wore Balinese traditional dress, Fine Arts contingent wore Dayak clothes, and English Literature contingent wore  Cowboy clothes. Prizes in the form of coaching money of Rp 1,000,000.00 are one of the motivations of the contingents to perform to be the best.

The enthusiasm of the big family of FCS UB also enlivens the atmosphere. Darmasiswa RI students who come from various countries, namely India, South Korea, Vietnam, Madagascar, Russia and Tanzania also enliven this event in costumes from their respective countries. They are very happy to see the cultural diversity presented in this carnival.

After the carnival, the entire academic community of FCS UB was invited to enter the Auditorium of Building A FCS UB and attend the convention of tumpeng. “I hope, with this cultural carnival, FCS UB becomes a symbol of Unity in Diversity. In the future, hopefully FCS UB will succeed,” said Prof. Agus Suman, S.E., DEA, the Dean of FCS UB, when cutting the tumpeng and handed it to Yusri Fajar, M.A. as Chairman of the 9th Anniversary of FCS UB Committee.

This Cultural Carnival is just a start. Another series of interesting events are still waiting to enliven the ninth Anniversary of FCS UB event. The event included Creative Process Incentives, Book Bazaars, Arts and Literature Exhibitions, Cultural Oration, Alumni Gathering, and Green Walks. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)