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11-Jan-2017 Pendidikan Inggris Berita, Kegiatan

kuliah tamu

Students of English Language Education Program Faculty of Cultural Studies UniversitasBrawijaya are demanded to master grammar as one of English components since ideally they must be equipped with English Grammar competence when they are graduated as SarjanaPendidikan graduates. However, the fact shows that many students of the last semester are still weak in mastering grammar. This is documented on their undergraduate thesis writing.Therefore, to meet the learning objective, English Language Education Program initiated to hold guest lecture under the theme “The Importance of Grammar for Spoken and Written Communication for the lecturers and students. This event is expected equip the lecturers with material development of grammar and equip the students with knowledge on the importance of grammar for spoken and written communication. This event was held on Tuesday, September 27 2016 and located in Hall 2nd floor at Faculty of Cultural Studies UniversitasBrawijaya. The speakers of this event were Darren Aiton, native speaker from English First Malang who gave materials on the importance of Grammar for spoken and written communication while the next speaker was Prof. Dr. PatrisiusIstiartoDjiwandonofrom Ma Chung University Malang who delivered materials on grammar material development. At the end of the event, it is expected that the students of English Language Education Program as the candidate of SarjanaPendidikanhave awareness on the importance of grammar to develop their fluent and accurate communication.