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The discussion was started with some comments and suggestions by Yusri Fajar, M.A, who is an English Literature lecturer in FCS UB, and a writer. He explained what he was thinking when reading the book, “There is a portrait of cultural art that can present a new point of view.”

The book is a collection of stories written in the style of journalism, telling about the culture and art in the city of Malang. Eko admitted that they had difficulties when collecting data for this book. He recounted that the process of collecting data was through not only reportage and interviews, but also by reading related books. The authors of this book came from various backgrounds, but practically some are professional journalists who have worked in professional media.

Eko revealed, the initial purpose of this book was to encourage the government to participate actively in rebuilding the cultural repertoire, not only delegated to artists only. Eko also conveyed his hope that this book is not to be read only by people in the city of Malang, but also by people throughout Indonesia. (Ikrima/MSH/PSIK FIB)

SAC FCS UB held a book review entitled “Caring for Tradition and Cultural Wisdom,” at SAC FCS UB. Muhammad Rozin, M.A as moderator, started the event at 4.00 p.m. On that occasion, Syariful Muttaqin, M.A, as the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs FCS UB delivered a welcoming speech. In his speech, he expressed his hope that this kind of event would be the awaited event. The speaker on that day was Eko Widianto, who is one of the writers and chief editors of, he was also a journalist in Tempo.