19 Japanese Students Visited FCS UB


Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) welcome 19 students accompanied by Prof. Kawamoto Naoe and Ms. Suenaga Maki from Hiroshima University (HU), Japan. This visit was part of the Summer Course Program entitled HU START (Study Tour Abroad for Realization and Transformation) Program which is an Overseas Field Study.

This activity is a cooperation between HU and UB, with FCS UB as the organizer. UB is the only university in Indonesia that becomes a partner of HU because they have a good relation. Through the START Program, participants can gain knowledge and motivation to learn English and Indonesian culture.

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for HU students to gain experiences abroad, visit partner universities, and study culture and the environment abroad. The experiences gained are expected to inspire students to actively participate in studying abroad and to conduct activities internationally while studying at HU.

They were officially welcomed by the Dean of FCS UB, Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE. DEA., Vice Dean of Student Affairs FCS UB, Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D., along with other invited guests at the Auditorium of Building A FCS UB on Monday (9/9/2019).

Ismatul Khasanah who was also the Chairman of HU START Program 2019 FCS UB said that this year, there were participants of HU START Program 2019 in FCS UB. They arrived in Malang on Sunday (8/9/2019) and stayed in Malang for two weeks.

“I hope that the HU START Program 2019 in FCS UB will run smoothly from the beginning to the end,” said Ismatul Khasanah.

Agus Suman conveyed, “I’m honored to have you all here, and that our faculty can host HU START Program this year. This is the 7th times for UB to accommodate HU START Program. This opportunity might inspire and encourage the students to get involved in the exchange program and to continue to study abroad”.

“I have high hope that through this activity set up by HU and FCS UB, HU students can learn more about Indonesia and the goal of HU START Program can be obtained. I also hope that this can strengthen the good relationship and cooperation between HU and UB in the future,” he said.

“Experience is the best teacher, use it for your brighter future. Once again, welcome to Malang, enjoy your stay, study, and exploration through HU START Program 2019 in FCS UB,” Agus Suman advised the HU Students.

Prof. Kawamoto Naoe also said that the 19 students were passionate to study in Indonesia. They still have never had experience of being abroad before. They are all interested in Indonesian culture and nature. In addition, while staying in Malang, they will be accompanied by students of FCS UB. So, this is the first time for them to communicate with non- Japanese people.

“I believe they will study a lot from things they cannot see in Japan. So, I would like to thank UB, especially FCS UB,” said Kawamoto Naoe.

Ikeda Fuga, chosen as the Captain of the Class also conveyed his impression, “I want to say thank you to UB and FCS UB students who accompanied us during this program. This is my first experiences to come to Indonesia. Indonesia is too hot for me and very crowded, but the food is so delicious,” he said.

“We come here to study a lot of things such as Indonesian culture, environment, and of course English, because we have to communicate in English for two weeks staying here in UB,” he added.

During their stay in Malang, HU students conducted various activities including lecture activities; orientation of Malang City, which consists of visiting the Mpu Purwa Museum, Malang Square, and Malang Heritage; learning Malangan culture which includes the practice of making batik at Batik Celaket, learning to play Angklung in Kampung Cempluk, as well as painting masks, dancing, and learning gamelan at Padepokan Seni Topeng Malangan, Pakisaji; and homestay in Pujon Kidul. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)