Linguistics is the study of language. We use language to communicate with other people or society. Good and appropriate language uses can help convey a case more clearly, and listeners can also understand what is being conveyed better.

We know some cases around us because of miscommunication. Miscommunication occurs because the delivery of the message does not occur properly. This leads the recipient of the message (communicant) to not be able to receive the message properly. Therefore, we must learn how to use language properly and appropriately to deliver the message.

Session 2 of the 3 in 1 Programme was carried out with the sub-theme ‘Exploring health in the news: Corpus perspectives on illness representation’ on Friday (6/3/2022). The guest speaker in this session was Dr. Gavin Brookes from Lancaster University, the same speaker during session 1 of the 3 in 1 Programme activity.

During the 2nd session, Dr. Brookes delivered subject matter based on a book entitled ‘Obesity in the News: Language and Representation in the Press’ which he co-authored with Paul Baker. Dr. Brookes says that obesity is a quite tricky concept to define, so he wrote this book to help doctors communicate obesity to society. He also explained how he collected the data to write the book and the analysis obtained from the data.

Dr. Brookes took two news formats, tabloid, and broadsheet, as a medium of finding the data he wanted. In his analysis, he defined how these two news formats have different ways of writing and different perspectives on obesity. Tabloids view obesity as a disease or problem, while broadsheets consider it as a social issue. This is evidenced by looking at the choice of words or keywords written in these two news formats.

After Dr. Brookes conveyed his material, Tantri Refa Indhiarti, M.A., a lecturer in the Study Programme of English Literature Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) expressed her desire for students to start seeing and be more sensitive toward their surroundings when they are planning to write their research or thesis so that the results are more thematic and have social impact value After listening to what Dr. Brookes presented, it is not surprising that students should begin to improve their perspective and writing of the research they are going to do to make it more benefits to society. [rfh/dts/msh/PR FCS]