One of the staff of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Diah Titisari, S.S., became the best writer in the National Poetry Writing Competition which was held online through social media Instagram. Diah Titisari became one of the top five best writers from more than 1500 participants in the competition organized by the Event Kreasi.
The theme for this competition was “Loss”. Diah Titisari wrote a poem with the title “Satu Sepatu. The best poems were published in a poetry anthology entitled “Seperti Kenang yang Hilang”.
Another poem was written by Diah Titisari also became the best poetry. Through an event organized by the Badan Sastra, her poem with the title “Bulan Kesepian” was also recorded in the poetry anthology “Benang Kusut Ironi”.
Another work that was also included in the anthology was “Kala Mentari Bersinar Cerah”. In this poem, Diah Titisari wrote an acrostic poem and submitted it for a competition organized by Lintang Indonesia. This anthology is entitled “Senja yang Terbelah”.
“This is my first experience writing a literary work in the form of poetry, and it turned out to be one of the best. Therefore, I was motivated to write poems. I didn’t expect my poems to be published,” said Diah Titisari.
“Beside poetry, now I want to take part in other competitions such as quote creation,” she continued.
“The experience of working in the field of public relations has sharpened my ability to be able to write better and beautifully,” concluded this staff who works as a Public Relation of FCS UB. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]