The Research and Writing Forum (which is also known as FONETIK), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has held New Members Training 2019. The series began with a training on Saturday (2/2/2019) in Room 2.2 Building B FCS UB, started at 8 a.m. up to 11 a.m.

This training invited Nurul (Anthropology/FCS, 2015) sharing her achievements of passing the National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) in 2017 and 2018. The second subject was “Time Management between Academic Life and Non-Academic Life” presented by Debby (Agribusiness/FP, 2016) which is now entrusted as DPM UB 2019 (she was the minister of BEM FP 2018).

After the series of indoor training, the new members joined the field training course. At 11.20 a.m., the training participants and committee went to the training center located at Villa Songgoriti, Batu. In the evening, the event was even more exciting with presentations from each group. There were Javanese, Balinese and Sumatran groups regarding “Mind Mapping” which had been assigned to their groups before. After that, they showed some art performances.

Their presentations were more interesting because it was judged by the former FONETIK’s Managing Directors: Pury and Herdika. The last session was Pury’s sharing sessions on her journey when she joined FONETIK for several periods.

The event was continued at 3 a.m., on Sunday (03/02/2019), with the 2019 FONETIK member pledges led directly by the 2019 Managing Director of FONETIK, Syahrul Hindarto (Anthropology, 2017). In the morning, there were gymnastics and mancakrida (outbound) around the villa. At 11 a.m., the training participants and the committee traveled back to FCS UB. Congratulations, member of FONETIK 2019!

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