The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Training on Network, Electrical, Engineering and Extinguisher for General Affairs and state property Personnel in March 2021.

“Actually, this activity has long been designed by the General Affairs and state property Personnel. The ideas and innovations have been around, but because of so many activities and lack human resources, these activities can just be carried out this year,” said Diah Eko Wahyuni, S.S., a General Affairs and State Property Sub-Division Sub-Coordinator.

The materials provided in this training are electricity, air conditioning, generator, elevator, and fire extinguisher. Handono and Aloysius Pranama A., the staff of the General Affairs and State Property, served as the presenters in the training with the intention of introducing the basic matters.

The participants who are involved in this training activity are the staff of the General Affairs and State Property as well as the janitors at FCS UB. FCS UB opens registration for those who are interested in participating in the training.

This training has a selection, in the first two weeks, it is attended by all registered participants (there are 21 participants: 6 of them are staff and 15 are janitors). Then on the third and the fourth weeks, the participants will be selected through a post-test to select five participants to be sent to a certified job training in Singosari.

“This training aims to increase competition, work productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, work status and career, service to the community, and welfare,” said Diah Eko Wahyuni. [KRH/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]