A student of the Study Programme of Fine Arts (SPFA), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Bagas Mahendra, won 1st place in the 2021 Illustration Competition. Bagas’s painting carries the theme “Magic Tale in Our Heritage”.

The reason for bringing up this theme was an effort to help preserve one of Indonesia’s cultural heritages, namely folklore. The meaning of the theme was folklore or legend that has been passed down from generation to generation.

“The purpose of choosing the theme of folklore is so that the culture of the archipelago does not recede, being distracted by foreign cultures that are constantly passing by in this era of globalization,” he said.

This competition was held on Wednesday (8/18/2021) online. 57 participants have participated in the competition organized by the SPFA Student Association FCS UB.

“ILLUSION, which comes from the combination of the illustration and competition of the word is a competition that is served as a forum for illustrators to develop their talents and passion for creating. Even though this event is being held during a pandemic that is still ongoing, we from SPFA Student Association FCS UB are trying to bring up a concept that can foster new enthusiasm for work, namely by holding this illustration competition online and opening registrations nationally,” he explained.

The preparations done were (1) understanding and exploring the themes that were carried out in the competition, (2) determining the technique to be used in drawing, (3) preparing the media and tools to be used (digital).

The preparation process for the competition lasted for two weeks by paying attention to the stages to obtain satisfactory results. Bagas also conveyed the stages during the competition.

“In the stage of making the work that I create, as in general, by making initial exploration sketches, then coloring and finishing, in that stage everything uses digital media with 3D painting techniques with a total of almost 40 layers,” he said.

Recently, many young people have forgotten about Indonesian culture. Therefore, this competition aims to preserve the culture of the archipelago which has begun to be eroded by western cultures. In addition, the purpose of holding this competition is to provide a forum for artists to continue working. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]