Andil dalam LP2PKM, Mahasiswa FIB UB Raih Prestasi


The Student Creativity Proposal Writing Program (LP2PKM) has been completed. The awarding night held at Samantha Krida Building on Thursday (18/1/2024) has announced the names of students winning the competition, including Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) students who won several categories.

FCS UB students won second place in PKM-RSH 3. They are Nadia Syahida, Salwa Zukhrufa, and Kamilah Rahmawati, all three are from the Study Programme of English Literature batch 2023. Additionally, Mohammad Rafi Azzamy from the Study Programme of Anthropology batch 2023 won the title of Talented Student of PKM-RSH Class 1, while Nadia Syahida also won the title of Talented Student of PKM-RSH Class 3.

Nadia Syahida as the team leader of PKM-RSH  team, shared her reason for choosing the title “Perception and Public Awareness of Pink Tax in Indonesia: A Study on Gendered Product Price Inequality” which stemmed from her concern as a woman who realized that there are significant price differences between male and female products.

“We also realized that the key to solving this problem is public awareness, especially women, because if people are aware, they will have the power to reject this price discrimination by choosing products that are not subject to pink tax, and will force companies to equalize prices if they do not want to lose consumers,” she explained.

Andil dalam LP2PKM, Mahasiswa FIB UB Raih PrestasiAndil dalam LP2PKM, Mahasiswa FIB UB Raih Prestasi

In the process of working on the PKM, Nadia explained that it required several stages of the process of proposal writing, such as problem identification, literature study, research and implementation design, and preparation of data analysis reports.

Similarly, Rafi, who won appreciation as a Talented Student of PKM-RSH Class 1 with his PKM entitled “Piecemeal-Social-Engineering-Based Policy Recommendations to Address Problems of Sound Horeg Parade Tradition of Malang Raya”, explained the reason behind the selection of the title.

“The Sound Horeg, which has a lot quantity of numbers and a very loud sound, has caused various problems, unfortunately, the policies that have been issued by the Malang Raya Regional Government only tend to be prohibitive, without looking at the specific context of why people like the Sound Horeg Parade,” he explained.

Rafi explained that the proposal made was to propose a social-engineering-based policy recommendation to accommodate all the positive sides of the Horeg Sound Parade, and mitigate if something bad happened from the tradition on the other hand.

To compete in LP2PKM, the proposal made by Rafi started from the FCS UB Dean Cup competition, which was then developed and passed several stages so that it could be continued to the LP2PKM and PKM-Dikti competitions. [trans.adhyaksa/ed.vidya/PR FCS]