Apple Meatball Innovation Receives Bronze Medal at SAIID 2019

Creativity is not only limited to what we master, but also what we are interested in. That was also done by students of English Language Education (Pebasis) and Anthropology study program at the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). They won the Bronze Medal at the International Student Affairs Invention, Innovation, and Design Competition (I-SAIID) 2019 which took place at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Cawangan Kedah, Malaysia on March 26-27th, 2019.

Shinta Octaviana Banuarti (Pebasis 2017), Eka Yhunias Fajarista (Pebasis 2017), Ahmad Faatihul (Pebasis 2015), and Syahrul Hindarto (Anthropology 2017) won the Bronze Medal for their project entitled “BAPEL (Apple Meatballs) The Innovation of Meatballs that Uses “Apple to Increase the Risk of Cancer”.

Shinta explained that everything started from a passion. “I want to find new experiences besides just studying and participating in Students Activity Unit. Through this competition, I can channel my talents and interests towards writing,” Shinta explained. In addition, she also thinks that this competition is a place for her to improve her ability to speak in English properly and correctly, because they have to make a brief writing about their work and present it before the judges.

Shinta and Eka got information about the competition from Ahmad Faatihul who is actually their senior. “He told me there was a competition on website. Then, I was interested in joining it,” Shinta said. She further explained, “At that time, he invited me to join in a group. He invited one of his friends, Nahdliyatul.” Nahdliyatul is a student in the Study Program of English (SPE) batch 2016. Because there were still 3 people, Shinta was asked to find 2 more people to become team members. Finally Shinta invited Eka and Syahrul to join. “I invited Eka because she is surely able to speak English, and I invited Syahrul because he was my friend in students’ club,” Shinta continued. The committee categorized their work as new invention.

Their hard work finally paid off in the form of the Bronze Medal. “Thank God that our work is categorized as the best. This certainly increases our confidence,” Shinta said. The judges appreciated the innovation as a healthy food. (PS.PBIng/DT/PSIK FIB)