Baruna Beta Wijaya Shared Tips to Be an Attractive Storyteller 

The terrace of Building B Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawiajaya (UB) was crowded. Some students were enthusiastic in participating in the Cultural Discussion on Sunday (10/27/2019) held to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of FCS UB.

The afternoon discussion raised the English Story Telling topic by Baruna Beta Wijaya, a student of the English Language Education Study Program of 2018 FCS UB. In his young age, he has won the international story telling competition at UIN Kalijaga Yogjakarta in September 2019.

In his discussion, Baruna explained some of the key terms in English story telling. “There are three key terms in storytelling. The first is matter, the second is manner, and the last is method,” he said. He explained clearly and brought along examples making it easier for the participants to understand what he was conveying. He was seen practicing reading stories with good intonation and facial expressions like he was in a story telling competition.

Baruna also shared tips to be an attractive storyteller. He invited the participants to get rid of the shyness when telling the story in public. In addition, one must have the motivation to improve the abilities in the field of storytelling. (DT/MSH/Humas FIB)