Batik to Preserve Local Culture and Community Creative Economy Development in Krajan Ngabab Batik Village

This Training Program is chaired by Syariful Muttaqin, M.A along with a team from KKN students to make Batik Village. People enthusiasm supported by the FCS UB academic community makes this program run well. The Community Service Program aims to educate residents of Ngabab Krajan Village to be able to make batik independently.

The first step taken in this program is mentoring conducted by students and lecturers. Students introduces batik techniques, then they painted the walls of the houses in batik motifs. The lecturers provided the tools, materials, training, FGD (Focus Group Discussion).

It has been three years since Ngabab Krajan village was developed. The first year is the batik house program. The second year is the training program to stamp and introduce correct coloring method. The batik is used as uniforms for students of elementary, middle and high schools. (Hafidh/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)