The Ministry of Social and Environment BEM of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held Matabara Seminar (Responsive Students to Disaster and First Aid). The event took place in the Hall of Building A FCS UB on Sunday (3/26/2023). In this seminar, participants were informed about the importance of responsiveness to unexpected conditions and disaster events as well as to aid, especially in dealing with natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Indonesia lies at the Ring of Fire area with the world’s largest volcanoes which is prone to frequent volcanic and tectonic earthquakes. This is the main reason why the community need to increase risk awareness of natural disasters.

The Matabara Seminar presented speakers from SAR Trenggana Malang Raya as practitioners and facilitators in natural disaster rescue, such as Water Rescue, Vertical Rescue, Jungle Rescue, and Medical First Responders. They are Sulistyono S.Kep., Ns. M.Kes., and Bintari Ratih K.S.Kep., Ns. M. Kes. Moreover, SAR Trenggana also provides advocacy services for the people in Malang Raya.

Practical sessions on safety procedures during earthquake were also held in this seminar. The presenters explained the actions that must be taken when an earthquake occurs, how to protect yourself from the ruins of an earthquake, as well as procedures and rescue techniques to evacuate disaster victims.

The seminar succeeded in attracting the interest of more than 70 participants and received many positive reactions from various parties. Participants who were present enthusiasticly recorded how the process of victim evacuation demonstrated in the seminar.

“Through this Matabara seminar, I hope that public awareness of the risks of natural disasters can reduce the number of victims of disaster events,” said Laurent Nabila Zahra Tanjung, Chief Executive of the Matabara Seminar. [trans.dts/ed. Vidya/PR FCS]