Bedah Buku: Kembang Kenanga by Unique Orthorita Borneo Rahma  

Writing a literary work as a final project is a new program in the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). The author of Kembang Kenanga is Unique Orthorita Borneo Rahma, who held a Book Review through the Zoom Meeting platform on Tuesday (6/29/2021).

This Kembang Kenanga book contains five collections of short stories consisting of Invisible, The Girl who Bit Her Nails, Kembang Kenanga, Revenge, and Rainbow for Dewi. Rahma wrote the stories taking from the experiences of her surroundings.

Rahma is the first batch to take the Literary Writing Program as her final project. There are four students, in the international class of the Study Program of English Literature, who take the Literary Writing Program as a final project. One of them is Rahma.

“One must be careful in telling stories because it carries the name of the campus,” said Rahma.

“Juniors who want to create literary works as their final project can ask their seniors who have taken this program, and can also immediately write the stories so they don’t rush while working,” she said. [CAJ/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]