Brawijaya International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Technology 2020

Scientific developments along with the various society problems create multidisciplinary studies. Ironically, the existence of studies in various scientific characteristics is still underestimated. While, the multidisciplinary sciences included in categories of science that most suitable for dealing with all the complexities of global problems today. Besides being suitable, the multidisciplinary studies were able to reach almost all subjects of knowledge and technology. Specifically, a multidisciplinary approach can be applied as a solution in Indonesia for the challenge we face of including those related to climate change, employment, creative economy, quality improvement for the human resources, education, social media, and negotiation between institutions. Along with the phenomenon that occurs globally, Indonesia needs innovation in educational patterns. As a university, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) must be a catalyst for a better life, not only now but also the future. In this regard, the Forum of Vice Dean for General and Finance Affairs (FORWADEK 2) UB wants to pioneer an educational innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration and complementing one another and developing multidisciplinary sciences. For this reason, in 57th Anniversary UB, the FORWADEK 2 UB initiated international seminar titled Brawijaya an International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Technology (BICMST 2020) and the theme is “Sustainable Future for Human and Natural Resources Development”. BICMST 2020 will be held in Widyaloka Hall, Universitas Brawijaya located in Jl. Veteran, Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 65145, on January 2nd -3rd, 2020.

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