Character Building for SDN Percobaan 2 Malang by FCS UB


The lecturers of Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Lailatul Husna, M.Pd., and Rike Febriyanti, M.A. (Study Program of Japanese Language Education), as well as Ria Yuliati, M.A. (Study Program of French Language and Literature) conducted a community service at SDNP 2 Malang. They organized a community service entitled “Character Building for Teacher, Students, and Parents”.

The community service is conducted starting from March to October, continued by a report writing in November 2020. In the beginning, the community service was going to be conducted by telling stories in every class. However, due to the pandemic, Rike suggested animation as a means of character-building which was approved by the Headmaster.

The character-building animation is in a form of comics adapting the concept of yong koma manga which means four-parts comics. Meanwhile, the content of the comics was taken from the basic principle of Japanese character building. These principles were accessed through the website of The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports. Then, the principals were translated, sorted, and modified for Indonesian elementary students. After the points were approved by the headmaster, the lecturers began to create the manga.

During the creation, the lecturers drew the manga or comic before it was converted to video. After the video was made, it was shared with the school employees, teachers, students, as well as the parents twice a week for a month through WhatsApp messenger.

Then, students were given quizzes related to character building to find out their understanding of the content of the video. The teachers gave their opinion on the character building, while parents told the point of view related to their teaching method for their children.

Rike believed that character-building is important for our future generations to build their empathy and honesty. “As people said, if one is a fool, they can be given the knowledge to fix him, but if one is dishonest it’s very hard to be fixed”, she said. [AVR/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]