The Malang Arts Council held a discussion inviting Yusri Fajar, M.A., a lecturer of the Study Program of English Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) as the speaker in the event Cultural Oration: Cultural Dynamics in the Middle of Pandemic on Thursday (12/31/2020) at 6 p.m. Live through Instagram Application from the @dewankesenian.malang account, it could be seen that some people were interested to join the event.

Along with Malang Arts Council’s 27th anniversary, this discussion also presented Indonesian traditional songs which are called tembang (Javanese songs) accompanied by bonang. Bonang is a traditional musical instrument from Central Java.

Yusri delivered an oration related to the use of technology during a pandemic, the missing aspect, and the solutions. Along with the development, technology has become increasingly sophisticated, so that the widespread use of English terms has spread throughout generations.

“We cannot avoid global culture,” he said.

Nature exploitation also occurs in various regions due to rapid technological developments. Cultural Congress in 2003, has urgently made recommendations regarding the environment which has become the main source of culture. However, it is unfortunate that these recommendations have not yet met expectations. If the exploitation of nature continues, then an environmental crisis will occur.