Darmasiswa Students: UB is Our Choice

Darmasiswa RI Program 2019/2020 Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was officially opened on Monday (2/9/2019). Fifteen foreign students participated enthusiastically in the opening ceremony of Darmasiswa RI Program for Academic Year 2019/2020. They have only met for a few days and only got to know each other, but they were immediately familiar with each other.

Nouhayaty Bintymosa from Cambodia said that this was her first time coming to Indonesia. She felt very happy because she was able to take part in the Darmasiswa RI Program, considering the selection and intense competition in her country to be able to join this program. In addition, he also felt happy because he met many people from all over the world.

 “I read and heard from social media that UB is a good university. That’s why I choose UB,” Nouhayaty said.

“After finishing this program, I will go back to my country, I will tell all my friends, I will ask and challenge them to come here joining this program. I will teach Bahasa Indonesia for free. Actually, I’ve already had a small English class, but after this I want to teach Bahasa Indonesia,” she continued.

Albert Mitchell Ayala from Chicago, United States told that he had come to Indonesia three times. He knew this program from his friend who joined the Darmasiswa RI Program in Bandung.

“I choose UB because I have read the top universities in Indonesia, and Malang has a cool weather. That’s why UB becomes my choice,” Albert stated.

Albert admitted that he was very glad to qualify and participate in this program. He said that there were many registrants considering that the United States was among the top five most populous populations in the world. Then, only 12 or 13 students were being accepted for this program.

“I hope that after completing this program, I will be fluent in Indonesian. And I hope that our friendship is long lasting,” he hoped. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)