The 2nd semester students of English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) are obliged to follow such courses as Listening to Transactional Texts, Speaking for Transactional Purposes, Sentence Writing, English Sentence Structure, and Genre Based Reading. To master those five subjects, the students are required to have integrated activities. Those subjects are intended to enable students to understand and respond to short functional texts in the public sphere. Therefore, students are able to process sensitivity to the texts, which in turn will support their writing skills. This writing ability will be seen in the expression of ideas in both simple and complex form. In the same way, the purpose of listening and speaking skills in this semester is focused on understanding the transactional conversations in various situations and producing responses to related information.

Integrated practicum activities of language skills courses are aimed at improving English language skills through the creation of a vlog with a theme of Local Culture. This practice is designed to facilitate the ultimate goal of the five language skills courses. This integrated practice agenda is the inclusion of all language skills of reading and listening and production (speaking and writing) where all of these skills are related to grammar understanding.

The local culture theme was chosen to give students the opportunity to hone their sensitivity and appreciation of the local culture consisting of verbal folklore, folklore material, and customary lore. Through this, students are also expected to be able to understand and appreciate the local values ​​that exist in the local community, and can raise the issue of local culture to the global realm. The purpose of this activity is (1) improving students’ English skills, (2) introducing local culture to students, and (3) introducing local culture to the community through vlogs. The expected output of this activity is a video blog, which is delivered in English with English subtitle that can be accessed by public. The participants of this activity are all students of English Literature who join the course in the Even semester 2017/2018, both from regular program and International class program.

This activity is divided into four stages, namely:

At this stage, students who follow the courses of Listening to Transactional Texts, Speaking for Transactional Purposes, Sentence Writing, English Sentence Structure, and Genre Based Reading will be divided into groups of 5 students, which will be guided by the assistant.

It aims to prepare students in conducting field observations and making vlogs. The tutorial material is Malang culture, how to make vlog, how to do interview and observation, and how to deliver the result of obeservation.

Students in groups are free to search for cultural observation objects in Malang and surrounding areas. The important things to observe are cultural-related information and things that can be promoted.

Students in the group express the observation results into the vlog and then upload it via youtube and inform the link to the lecturer.

Vlogs produced by students will be selected by lecturers.

The result of the competition was announced on the last week of the lecture on 26 May 2018 at 09.00 – 12.00 at A Building Hall of FCS-UB. The fourth runner up is Group 30 Goes to Kampung Tridi and Kampung Warna-Warni, the third runner up is Group 23 Goes to Mpu Purwa Museum Operator, the second runner up is Group 20 Goes to Celaket Ornament Kampong Malang, the first runner up is Group 17 Goes to Valley Tumpang, and the champion is Group 7 Malang Culinary (Inggil Museum Restaurant). Congratulations to the winners. (DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)